U.S. Military Members and Community First Responders Enjoy Appreciation Cash Offers on New Ford Models in Saratoga Springs, NY

Part of the Ford Military and First Responder Appreciation Programs, Currently Running at Saratoga Ford

Our team at Saratoga Ford is forever grateful for the men and women that choose to serve our local communities and country. Whether you're a member of the United States Military or active in a first responder role, we thank you for your service and are happy to express this appreciation through bonus cash offers on new Ford models!

How These Programs Work

The process of enrolling in these programs is rather straightforward. Confirm your qualification as part of either the Ford Military Appreciation Program or Ford First Responder Appreciation Program, provide our team with respective proof of eligibility for formal verification, and apply an appreciation cash offer directly towards a new Ford model you choose to purchase or lease!

Appreciation Program Qualifications - United States Military

If you currently serve in an active military personnel role - including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard - or match one of the following military branch designations, then you likely qualify for an appreciation cash offer here in Saratoga Springs:

  • National Guard Member
  • Reservists (Active Duty)
  • Delayed Entry/Enlistment Program (DEP) Member
  • Veterans (within 24 months from separation date)
  • Retirees
  • Direct Family Members (including spouses and surviving spouses)

Appreciation Program Qualifications - First Responder's Association

If you're currently employed in any of the following first responder roles, then you likely qualify to receive appreciation cash for a new Ford model purchase or lease at our dealership:

  • 911 Dispatch Unit
  • Police - officers, sheriff, sheriff's deputy, correctional officer, state trooper, federal law enforcement
  • Fire Department - career and volunteer
  • EMT - EMT officials and paramedics

Contact Our Team to Get Started

Additional incentives, promotions and limitations may apply at time of purchase.  Contact the specialists at Saratoga Ford, or visit www.fordsalutesthosewhoserve.com for the latest official rules and information.

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