Ford's Impressive Lineup

Ford's evolution from the Model-T is by no means a surprise. Ford Motor Company has developed a series of successful models that have changed the world. Today, Ford has an impressive lineup of SUVs, Crossovers, Trucks, Vans, Cars, Electric Vehicles, Commercial Automobiles, Performance Vehicles and Automobiles of the Future.

SUVs & Crossovers


Ford EcoSport for sale
The Ecosport is a subcompact SUV with a seating capacity of five. It offers two engines which are 1.0-liter 3-cylinder or 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine.

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Ford edge for sale
The new Edge ST seats five. The SUV has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds. It gets 19 mpg city and 26 highway mpg. It also offers 380 pound-feet of torque.

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Expedition Max

Ford expedition-max for sale
Larger, longer, and more luxurious, the Ford Expedition Max helps take things to the extreme. Standard equipped with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine with auto start-stop technology, the Expedition Max lets its revamped 4x4 drivetrain and 10-speed automatic transmission do the talking.

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Ford Escape

Ford escape for sale
The Escape has the character of compact SUVs. It seats five and offers from 34.4 to 65.4 cubic feet of cargo capacity. It has a combined 40 mpg.

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Ford explorer for sale
The new Explorer ST has a maximum payload of 1,459 pounds. It has a safe towing capacity of up to 5,600 pounds, producing

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Ford mache for sale
The new Mustang Mach-E will provide 210 to 300 miles with no gasoline. The eco-friendly Mustang will be able to get to 60 mph in four seconds flat.

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Ford bronco for sale
The 2021 Bronco will be offered in two body styles that are the two and four door. A 10-speed automatic and a six-speed manual transmission will be available.

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Ford expedition for sale
Now offering best-in-class towing for an SUV, the new Ford Expedition boasts seating for up to eight passengers and gets an EPA-estimated 23 miles-per-gallon on the highway.

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Ford F-150 for sale
One of America's best-selling pickup trucks, the new F-150 is Ford's quintessential workhorse that keeps coming back with a vengeance. Build Ford tough with an available 3.0-liter Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine, the new F-150 delivers outstanding power and fuel economy.

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Ford F-350 for sale
The Ford F-550 is the epitome of getting work done. Standard equipped with an adaptable chassis cab, the F-550 is big and bulky, boasting the power and capability to handle anything you throw at it.

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Ford F-250 for sale
An eight-cylinder work truck like no other, the Ford F-250 Super Duty is the next generation of tough on the roads in Saratoga Springs. Getting up to 475 horsepower, the F-250 basks in its ability to deliver uncompromising power when you need it most.

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Ford superduty for sale
Many Glens Falls drivers are proud of their Super Duty. It is identified as a smart and tough full-size pickup truck. It can provide 1,050 pound-feet of torque.

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Ford F-350 for sale
The new Ford F-350 - available with a regular cab, super cab, and crew cab - elevates your performance with an optional 7.3-liter V8 engine and up to 20,000-pounds of towing power.

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Ford ranger for sale
The new Ranger offers best-in-class payload and torque for a midsize truck. Once made popular for its dynamic handling, the new and improved Ford Ranger is all the craze as it makes its way back into the new Ford lineup.

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Transit Commercial

Ford transit commercial for sale

The Transit Commercial Van is an expandable, versatile cargo van that serves both personal and business-related practices. This jack-of-all-trades box-truck is poised to facilitate your local business as well as your daily endeavors around town.

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Transit 250

Ford transit 250 for sale
The Transit 250 is a part of Ford's lineup of full-size cargo vans, available in both Crew and Cargo model configurations. Boasting more power and capability than the Ford Transit, this upgraded cargo van lets you explore the roads less traveled with ease.

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Transit Connect

Ford transit connect for sale
The new Transit Connect Wagon will feature large windows throughout the cabin. It will have a seating capacity of six adults with the cargo maximum of 106 cubic feet.

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Transit 350

Ford transit 350 for sale
At the top of Ford's new cargo van collection, the new Transit 350 reigns as the leader of the pack. Bolstered with more robust support and a revamped powertrain, the Transit 350 is the key to accelerating your local business in Greenwich, CT.

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Transit Connect Commercial

Ford transit connect commercial for sale

The new Transit Connect Commercial will serve a dual purpose. It operates as a passenger and commercial vehicle with an expected life span of 150,000 to 300,000 miles.

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Coupe & Sedans

Ford Mustang

Ford mustang for sale
The new GT 350 has a curb weight of 3,760 pounds. Its powerful enough to produce 429 pound-feet through its 5.2-liter V8 engine, which is standard equipment.

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Ford fusion for sale
The new Ford Fusion is a fuel-efficient midsize sedan that's recognized for having a bold design. Combining elements of comfort and eco-friendly travel, the 2020 Fusion is a champion among daily drivers in Saratoga Springs.

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